No rest for the brave ¹

I pushed the table to be more comfortable. In the formula, it must be dark, so I closed the shutters. It is said that this recipe works great, it works miracles. I light the two candles and I sit on the carpet. I take the leaf and the lighter. I think much to Vincent. I wish. The formula says to burn the leaf, but it will feel in any room. It is also said that if one believes it, it will not work. What can be done if not to look the truth? I am neither a scientist nor a theorist. My position is asking me to get involved, not to take away to work with the subjective and intuitive and test the limits of my Cartesian certainties. Practices and beliefs about the supernatural or the paranormal is a real independent production that does not care about the truth. They are a set of representations and discourses that comprise a community around a marginal culture. It is a space of resistance to the weight of reality when the report is based on the truth from what affects us in operating in the field of promise. To remain valid, it must be reactivated and strength daily.

The phone rings for a while. I decided to replace the candles with fragrance. Pregnant smell filled the room.

Looking at this wave for a naturalization of homosexuality (one is born gay, we do not get), comforting thesis required by a number of science, I wonder if I really want to reconcile with the natural order of things. I live a homosexual is not a given, it is a daily trading compared to a standard and a dominant culture and that even within the circles LGBTQI of classifying, naming and making visible pipes. Think about his sexual identity as a stable identity, and ultimately it is referring to a device which takes the power of desire to fix an issue. "Homosexuality is not a form of desire, but something desirable. We have worked hard to become homosexual, not to discover that we are" ².

I close my eyes. I dare not break the silence by saying a formula or I'm afraid it sounds hollow. The darkness and the heavy air cover me. Vincent take me in his arms, I feel his breath.

If we agree to think a relationship with reality that does more as a reference standard of truth but the nature of our desires, we can perceive the similarities between the supernatural and homosexuality.

The truth of our identity can not be limited to the boxes that we taxable persons, it is also built in a movement, an action that produces true from either not in the goal.

Be subject of desire consititue therefore both a liability and a promise. The promise is fragile because it needs to be held facing the inevitable reality. It requires daily work, but it is an infinite potential to create new spaces, livelihoods, relationships outside of the space standards and regulations of society.

I then mixed the ashes with two petals, two thoughts, two mint leaves and shoots two of marjoram. At the next moon, I should put the mixture into my shoes and go to Vincent.

1 Title of the film by Alain Guiraudie "No Rest for the Brave", 2003.
2 Michel Foucault, "On Friendship as a lifestyle," Dits et écrits, p. 163.